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Reviewed by: William Richards on October 28, 2011

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  • Clinically Proven
  • Editor's Choice
  • 90 Days Money Back

wartrolThe condition of genital warts is certainly not one any person would wish to contract. Genital warts present a very unsightly appearance to say the least.

I will also note that these warts are contagious which should also be cause for alarm. Who would want to spread a sexually transmitted disease to someone else?

No responsible person would and any person that is also serious about his/her own health would also take the steps to reverse the presence of the warts.

This is where the very effective product Wartrol could prove to b e a reliable treatment option.

I want to stress this product has been prominently featured in the media. I am a proponent of reliable solutions to health problems which is why I am leery of lesser known fly-by-night exotic remedies.

The fact Wartrol was prominently discussed on several cable channels makes it a little more acceptable to me. MSNBC, CNN, and USA TODAY have all featured this product. Consider that a proverbial feather in the product’s hat.


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More importantly, this product specifically targets genital warts. One thing you will immediately learn when you read a Wartrol review would be that you must use a product that is designed for genital warts.

Among the biggest mistakes many will make will be to use a non-genital wart removal product which could prove to be unhelpful and potential harmful.

Yet, many will not want to take commonly suggested prescription treatment for genital warts.

For those that wish to avoid using genital wart prescription based products, it might be best to look towards a treatment that is not a pharmaceutical prescription based product.

Once you read a Wartrol review, you will discover it fits this description.

For those seeking an effective means of eliminating unsightly, contagious, and problematic genital warts, Wartrol might prove to be among the better natural products to purchase.

There are quite a few benefits to this product which many will find appealing.

Any decent Wartrol review would be sure to clearly list these benefits since they are the core of what sets this particular natural product apart from other seemingly similar ones on the market.


Wartrol Ratings
Ingredients 99/100
Speed of Results 97/100
Safety 100/100
Support 96/100
Overall 98/100
  • Clinically Proven
  • No Side Effects
  • Editor's Choice
  • 90 Days Money Back

Advantages Of Wartrol

    • First, Wartrol uses FDA approved ingredients and this is not a minor attribute. 

    These ingredients have been clinically proven to remove the warts commonly caused by Human Papilloma Virus – HPV.

    One thing to be mindful of here is that it is the ingredients which have been approved by the FDA and not Wartrol specifically. 

    As such, it is important not to consider the approval of the ingredients to be the same thing as a FDA endorsement of the product.

    Either way, the ingredients have been established as possessing value as far as reducing the presence of warts.


    • The prime active ingredient is Salicylic Acid which comprises 17% of the proprietary blend of the product.

    This has long since been proven as an effective treatment option for dealing with warts and removing them effectively. 

    Of course, even though different products may have a similar active ingredient does not mean all the products are the same.

    Each product will have its own level of effectiveness in terms of the ability to deliver results. 

    My suggestion is that you select a product that is known to deliver the proper removal of warts and Wartrol may very well fit that description.


    • There are quite a few other advantages beyond just the ingredients.

    The ease of application would definitely be one of its major benefits.

    The solution is a completely liquid one which can be effectively employed by merely dabbing a small amount of it to the wart. The liquid is can be applied with a brush applicator.

    This makes it quite easy for the solution to completely cover the wart and seep deep into it. Once this occurs, the solution will go to work eliminating the presence of the wart.


    • When it does go to work on the wart, it does so quickly.

    Most will find this to be a tremendous attribute since no one would ever want to see a wart remain on the body for any length of time. 

    A common complaint with many wart removal products is they can take quite some time for the wart to actually disappear.

    As any serious Wartrol review will point out, this is a product that works relatively quickly.

    That means you will be free of the presence of annoying genital warts within no time.


    • One reason that this product delivers on expectations so quickly is because it offers a maximum strength formula.

    Despite the incredible power of the solution, it is as completely safe as it is effective. 

    Consider that another excellent benefit to using this product.

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There Are A Few Drawbacks Some Consumers Might Find A Little Troubling

    • Namely, this is a product that has to be ordered online.

    It is not available in retail stores. For those that do not like to order online and have to wait for mail delivery might not be thrilled about placing an order in this manner.

    However, in order to access this particular effective product it will be necessary to deal with online ordering.

    Again, this may be considered a drawback but when you stop to consider how valuable of a product it is you will soon agree the negative of ordering online is not all that pronounced.

You want to get rid of genital warts. That really should be your prime concern. Granted, how you acquire the product could be a sticking point but you have to weigh the pros and the cons.

The pros probably will win out with most thoughtful customers.

As I stated at the beginning of this Wartrol review, you do not want to deal with the presence of annoying and troubling genital warts.

There are noninvasive ways of dealing with the problem. Among them, Wartrol may prove to be the one product worth purchasing


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