Is There Really a Wartrol Scam?


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Is there really such a thing as a Wartrol scam? Some might profess there is but such an assessment is really not a fair one. Wartrol is not a product that seeks to outright deceive anyone.

Yet, rumors of a scam persist. I have come across a few of them and want to take a closer look at these claims.

Anyone that is looking for a cure for genital warts definitely will want a product that is known to properly and effectively deliver results. That is not exactly a secret. However, it may seem the answer to what is the best product on the market may very well be a secret.

Or is it?

You could find the answer through reading various reviews on which genital wart remover is the best. The unfortunate problem here is not all reviews are completely accurate or truly do provide the correct insight into what the product offers. This is why you will read the occasional review mentioning a potential Wartrol scam.

Wartrol scam

Let’s get something straight right away. Wartrol’s main active ingredient is salicylic acid and it comprises 17% of the product’s ingredients. Salicylic acid is found in virtually all reliable wart removal products. This is not to infer that all wart removers are the same.

The way in which the ingredients are blended together plays a major role in their effectiveness. However, this ingredient generally needs to be present in order for the wart remover to actually work.


Wartrol also includes any homeopathic ingredients. These are intended to naturally increase the ability for the product to deliver on results. Homeopathic treatments are nothing new and have been around for years.

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My own personal red flags go up when I see ingredients that are obtuse or off the wall. Bizarre remedies that promise a lot based on mythical uses for certain herbs generally fall under the scam category. I would have a hard time believing in a Wartrol scam since it does contain the very legitimate ingredient of salicylic acid.

Different people’s bodies will react in different ways to different products. Some might not be happy with how things turned out using this one which can lead to unfortunate cries of Watrol scam. Such assessments really are unwarranted and not really fair. However, they are people’s opinions and many will profess and opinion whether it is valid or not.

wartrol scamOthers might just not use the product as directed. If they fail to use the product properly then they undermine its ability to deliver on expectations. While not the product’s fault, the consumer will blame the manufacturer.

This leads to those annoying cries of Wartrol scam. Really, it is the consumer’s responsibility to use the product as directed. The manufacturer cannot help in this regard beyond simply provided clear directions.

Certain consumers might have problems and issues with the customer service, billing, and shipping. That is just par for the course are far and being in business is concerned.

You just cannot please every customer that you work with. As a result, some customers will unfairly cry the words scam which is unfortunate.

Be wary of claims of a Wartrol scam. They are not always founded in truth as much as a dissatisfied outburst.


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