Genital Warts


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genital wartsIf you notice the appearance of genital warts then you will need to seek out an effective treatment.

I cannot be more blunt in my assessment than that. No one would ever want to deal with the annoying presence of such warts.

But, unless you look towards a proper genital warts treatment then you will not see their presence disappear. That truly would not be to your benefit.

As such, it is best to familiarize yourself with a few of the common genital warts treatment methods able to eliminate them.

Some might cringe at a few of these methods since they do not actually fall under the category of noninvasive.

In fact, some of these methods might even be considered extremely invasive. Thankfully, there is also a homeopathic solution that has emerged. But first, let’s take a closer look at the more common means of genital warts treatment.

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    • Podophyllin resin is a brownish liquid that can be applied to the wart. Once it seeps into the wart, it might very well destroy it. Commonly, the liquid remains on the wart for several hours prior to being washed off. It is applied and removed by a doctor or a nurse.
    • Podopfilox lotion can be considered a similar treatment to the aforementioned Podophyllin resin but it is an at-home treatment. It is applied in cycles of three days of application and then four days without any application. It can take several weeks for the full effects to be realized.
    • Liquid nitrogen is commonly used as a means of totally freezing the wart allowing for the ease of its removal. Once the wart is removed, it has been effectively eliminated. This does not mean one treatment will eliminate the warts as several may be required.
    • Then, there are more invasive methods which can be used as genital warts treatment. The most common of these would be the surgical removal of them. The surgery could be considered a minor one but it would be a surgical procedure nonetheless. That means it comes with all the traditional risks any surgery would.
    • A more advanced means of removing the warts would be through laser treatments. Generally, this is a rarely used treatment procedure due to its enormous cost. However, it can be helpful when there are incredibly stubborn warts that will not easily go away.
    • Electrocautery is a method that entails using an electric current to heat the warts via an inserted needle. Not very many people will say this is a pleasing procedure to go through but it can destroy the wart completely.


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As most likely are noting, none of these genital warts treatment methods appears all that nice to deal with. And honestly, very few of them could even be remotely considered easy to undergo. So, does another method exist which can reverse the presence of warts in a much more agreeable manner?

Genital warts

    • The natural homeopathic product Wartrol might very well provide such an elusive solution. It is a noninvasive means of eliminating genital warts over an extended 12 week timeframe. For those looking for a safe and reliable treatment method, this very well may be it.

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